Prestan AED Trainer


The Prestan Professional AED Trainer provides quality, durability and affordability like no other trainer in the market. Clear, confident voice instructions that provide easy-to-follow directions and preconfigured scenarios make training students easier.

Unit includes one set of adult training pads, batteries for the unit, instructions for use and a carrying case. Remote control is optional and available separately.

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English/Spanish, English/French capability.
Includes a scenario, volume control, and language button.
Includes 5 scenarios.
Pads can be used at least 25-30 times during CPR/AED classes.
Contains a pad testing system.
Pads are pre-connected.

Pads have an embedded switch in the pad which senses that the AED Trainer pads are attached to the manikin torso.
The silicone base adhesive on the pads, coupled with the foam structure, ensure easy application & removal.

Module contains most up to date guidelines and language capability.
When guidelines change, only the module needs to be replaced.

Simulate loose pad.
Initiate ‘Press Deeper’ during CPR.
Pause, play or stop.
Volume, language and scenario control.

Compatible with any CPR manikins.
Can be used to train in both semi-automatic and fully-automatic versions.
Metronome and counts upward by 10.