Prestan TAKE2™ Training Package

For a more representative learning environment, multi-packs are now supplied with different skin tones as standard.

A training package that offers both Prestan Manikins and AED UltraTrainers to meet all training requirements.

The Prestan Take2™ is Prestan’s most complete training solution. The package combines Prestan’s most popular professional manikins with two AED UltraTrainers™ for not only practising CPR, but also the use of an AED.
The Take2™ contains two adult manikins and two infant manikins, and is available in medium skin, dark skin, and as a diversity kit.

2 Professional Adult Training Manikins with CPR Feedback and 20 Face Lung- Bags

2 Professional Infant Training Manikins with CPR Feedback and 20 Lung-Bags
2 AED UltraTrainers™

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